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Hair transplant is a process of restoring the hair that is lost as a result of aging, genetic or disease and accident.

Although hair transplantation is a very common aesthetic procedure, hair transplantation costs are very high in the USA or many European countries. However, there are many countries where hair transplantation costs are much cheaper. Hair transplant in Turkey is very cheap compared to other countries.

Hair Transplant Centers in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most favorable countries for tourism. Every year, millions of people travel Turkey for vacation, sun, and beaches. But the summer holiday is not only options for Turkey travel. You can consider Turkey for medical travel too because of cheap hair transplant and high hair transplant success rate.

In the UK or other European countries, hair transplant costs are very high. In the UK, hair transplant costs are almost 12.000 £. But hair transplant cost Turkey are 60% – 70% cheaper than USA and UK.

The average cost of hair transplant in Turkey ranges from € 800 and € 3,000.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is cheaper country than many other European countries. For example average costs of Istanbul – London roundtrip flight ticket prices are €250. Also, hotels, food or any other expenditures are very low level in Turkey. So you don’t need to spend more money except for the hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey.

Many EU’s first choice when it needs to medical tourism for cheap hair transplants in Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2018

As in every medical operation, there are various factors affecting prices in the hair trandplant as well. A person who wants to make hair transplant makes a lot of research on hair transplant Turkey prices. Cost of hair transplant depends on the processes performed during hair transplantation.

You know that hair transplantation prices vary by center and it is not possible to talk about a single figure about hair transplantation prices. Different hair styling centers apply different price policies.

It is useful to know how the hair transplantation prices are determined and why they change before choosing the hair transplant istanbul clinic.

Hair transplant cost Turkey changeable by the season but the average cost of Turkey hair transplants range from € 800 and € 3,000.

There are many good hair transplant clinics in Turkey. To find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey you can apply Turkey medical tourism agency.

Tips About Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

  • If hair plantation costs are too low or too high, be cautious about the issue. If costs are too low, it can be some medical risks and health problems.
  • The number of grafts is very important for hair transplant Turkey success rate. Be sure to learn the number of grafts and how to apply them. You can read Graft in Hair Transplant post to be informed about greft.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation Costs

Nowadays there are 4 main factors that affect hair transplantation costs;

  • Hair transplantation technique and additional applications to be applied,
  • Number of grafts to be added,
  • Place of residence (city / district),
  • Luxury service.

Hair transplantation technique and additional applications

Today, the most valid method for hair transplant is the FUE method. However, it is available in Robotic FUE, where hair transplantation is done via a computer, or DHI Hair transplantation, which is also applied with FUE principle.

When it comes to additional applications, there are applications such as PRP and FUE hair follicle which are used to strengthen the hair structure. The necessity of additional applications is determined by the interview between the patient and the doctor.

Number of grafts to be added

The number of grafts to be attached to the patient is decided immediately after the hair transplat planning. At this stage, the area that has permanent hair loss or thinning is calculated.

Some hair transplant clinics give a single price, while others consider the number of grafts to be collected. Because an operation of 1000 grafts will be completed in 2 hours while 4,000 grafts will require 8 hours in one transplantation.

That is, if there are large differences in the number of grafts, the increase in the number of grafts will extend the duration of the operation and the hair transplantation costs will increase accordingly.

Ask your doctor how many grafts will be added before hair transplant.

Place of Residence

Some hair transplant centers choose different regions for transportation, environmental clean-up and district. In every city and every district in Turkey it has different demographic and infrastructural facilities.

While hair transplantation prices are increasing in centers with more luxurious and popular district , they can fall as they move away from the city central.

However, in some cities the surplus of hair transplat clinics increases competition and can reduce hair transplant turkey prices.

You can see an index of districts in İstanbul about transportation, environmental clean-up and touristic places.

index of district in istanbul

Luxury Service

Although there is no need for luxury in health services, it is among the factors that increase hair transplant prices.

As you would expect from such centers of hair transplantation, hair transplantation fees increase.

However, this does not mean that the quality or success of the health care provided will increase. This increase includes additional services (transportation, hotel, special luxurious room reserved for the patient).

By deciding how much luxury you will receive, you can make your hair transplant process more comfortable, but the need for luxury in service is not a direct influence on the success of the operation.

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Hair Transplant Turkey Travel

There are many cities that you can find hair transplant clinic in Turkey. But Istanbul is the center of medical tourism. You can fly to Istanbul from many countries. Hair transplant istanbul can be good options for you.

The most important question can be security for tourist but Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or other major cities are quite safe cities. So you can travel safely.

Please write down your experience and comments on hair transplant in Turkey.

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