What Is Graft

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The graft is the basic structure that is taken from behind the head in hair transplantation and cultivated in hair loss areas. The graft contains hair follicles and some amount of skin. The number of grafts varies according to the number of hair roots and the amount of skin they contain.

Within the graft, hair follicles are found as single, double, triple or quadruple. Hair roots are the area where live cells that produce and prolong hair are found. Hair transplantation is actually a graft operation, that is, hair transplant surgery done from the person himself.

Hair transplant grafts are always taken from the person himself. If grafts are taken from others and they are planted, these grafts will not live and hair will not come out. If FUT method is used in hair transplantation, more triple and quadruple hair roots are found in grafts. It also has more skin texture. Because of graft application in FUT method and excessive skin in grafts, a scar behind the head remains.

In the FUE method hair grafts are taken as triple and quadruple rather than hair follicles in grafts. The width of the tips used for grafting is 1-1.2 mm wide and contains more skin. If too many grafts are taken with FUE hair follicles, there is a risk of leaving a dot-like trace behind the head.

As a result, graft in hair transplantation is the basic structure which is taken and transported. Grafts are very sensitive. It is the most important factor for the success of natural hair plantation if grafts are used for the production of hair again at the transplanting stage if the technique is used, if the technique is applied with great care and if the grafts are not damaged during operation

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